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A delicious pâté from the pulp of the Aragonese black olive in brine, pitted and skinless, seasoned with extra virgin olive oil flavored with white truffle from Piedmont, Tuber magnatum.

Preservative-free, non-coloring. Gluten-free product.


Ingredients: Black olive pitted in brine and extra virgin olive oil with Tartufo Bianco aroma.

Subjected to a pasteurization process with a PH <4.5.

Commercial presentation:

GOURMET: glass jar with 120 g. Also available in 220 g format.

Conservation: Closed, keep at room temperature, in a cool, dry, and ventilated place. Protect from direct sunlight. Once the container is opened, store in the refrigerator (+ 7ºC) and consume preferably for the next 7 days.

Storage conditions: keep in a cool, dry and ventilated place at room temperature. Protect from direct sunlight

Estimated useful life: 24 months from its elaboration.

Benefits, intolerances, and risk groups: target population: general population.

Allergens: may have intolerance to sulphites, derived from the vinegar of the brine.

Does not contain GMOs.

Gastronomic recommendations: On toast and canapés only or with anchovies, belly, avocado, radish, ...

As one more ingredient in salad dressing, pasta, lasagna, pizzas. As a garnish for smoked or grilled fish.

Organoleptic characteristics:

Color: dark and violet.

Aroma: intense black olive.

Taste: slightly bitter.

Texture: spreadable.

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