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Fresh black truffle Tuber melanosporum Vitt. or Tuber nigrum Bull.
Selected, clean and aromatic truffle of excellent quality. Consult prices.

Fresh black truffle know as the Périgord truffle. Scientifical name isTuber melanosporum Vitt o Tuber nigrum Bull.

This truffle from La Tinença de Benifassá is being harvested with the help of trained truffle dogs who can smell when the truffle is on its right point of maduration. The period of collection and sale is from December till March. We offer selected, clean and aromatic truffles of excellent quality.
Price per gram

Truffle classification
Category: Extra
These are truffles bigger than 20 grams. Regular globose shape, firm texture and free from any damages. 

Category: First
These are truffles bigger than 10 grams. With possible small defects in shape, colour or surface.

Category: Second
These are truffles bigger than 5 grams, in pieces or whole. With possible severe defects in shape, colour or suface. 

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