Truffles are a genus of edible and delicious fungi to your table. They are growing in a symbiotic relationship with mycorrhizal trees, chestnuts, walnuts, especially those of the genus Quercus as the oaks.

It has more or less rounded irregular shape, rough surface and dark color. Its interior is full of veins and ducts appearance. Their size varies from the size of a walnut to that of a potato.

Our black truffle or tuber malanosporum is the most appreciated worldwide, which is sometimes referred to as the "black diamond of the kitchen". Its color is blackish or gray with violet hues like blue-black. Color and aroma that you get caught and love. It is irregular in shape and weight varies from about 20 to about 300 grams. The thin skin is covered with warts. His body is fleshy and compact, whitish skin near to the center and gray. It has an intense smell and palatable taste. His collected depends heavily on the weather, between late fall to mid-March.

The white truffle or Tuber aestivum or summer truffle, as its name, has its growing season from summer to early fall. It is rounded with irregularities. Covered with angular warts that unlike the others. Blackish brown color and firm flesh. Its smell is intense and aromatic and has a peculiar taste reminiscent of walnuts. The summer truffle is considered of good quality and is also suitable for the same uses as the black truffle, but with the difference that it is sold out of season.

The main use of the culinary truffle is due to its unique flavor and taste and is very appreciated in the European and world cuisine.

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