Harvested at their optimum ripeness and quality, optimal for consumption on board or juice. Ideal for your health and that of his family. In www.fruitsdelaterra.com we collected directly from the tree and put it on your table for your enjoyment. In the process only those who have the maturity needed, discarding those that by their size or their maturity are not yet at its best harvest is collected.

Depending on how advanced the campaign in each of the varieties, the product has more or less acidity and for the same reason more or less sugar. As the season progresses acidity decreases and the sugar level to rise. The amount of juice is stored at high levels throughout the season.

Depending on the campaign's start or end dates can be altered in one or two weeks apart with respect to the previous season, so they have informed www.fruitsdelaterra.com for you to enjoy our product at the right time.

Calendar of varieties:

They graphed the calendar of the different products offered by www.fruitsdelaterra.com except that this campaign can gain or lose depending on the weather and other natural factors.



Orange Navelina: The Queen of Oranges, sweet and with a great amount of juice. It is the first of the varieties of oranges in his family. Its color ranges from yellowish early season bright orange at maturity. It is perfectly preserved for 20 days in a cool, dry, direct incidence of sunlight. Recommended to eat at table or drink juice. Excellent for your health, your vitamin C and antioxidant.

Navel orange: Its name comes from the English "navel" because of its lower form, similar to a navel. The oil extracted from its shell used in the manufacture of beverages and perfumes. Sweet and refreshing taste. His collection a couple of months is after her sister navelina, with which it shares its excellent properties for our health.

Mandarina Clemenules: From the first to mature Family clementines. Excellent flavor, sweetness and texture. Easy peeling, ideal for the whole family, especially for children, a great way to show the world healthy fruit. Excellent conservation for 20 days in cool, dry and away from sunlight places.

Okitsu mandarin: One of the earliest tangerines in September can start collecting, displaying your skin a greenish but with meat inside perfectly developed and acidity levels and excellent sugar. It belongs to satsumas, originating in Japan, exquisite aroma. Ideal for sharing with the smallest of the house.

Satsuma mandarin: It collects the following okitsu, of properties similar to his older sister characteristics. It is a variety that supports very high cold conditions. Excellent to taste at the table or in juice. His collection is during the months of November and December.

Mandarina Orogrande: Tangerines bright orange, very sweet and tasty, easy to peel and eat because of the ease to separate into segments. High percentage of juice content, which is also of great value for its level of sugars. Its pulp flux dissolves very well in the mouth.

Mandarina Marisol: Fruit of good size and with tender and melting flesh. Your skin separates easily and quickly from the pulp. With high amount of juice and sugar levels suitable. It is one of the most precocious tangerines in their growth and maturation. Excellent food for children and adults.

Presentation format:

  • Box of oranges: De 10, 15 y 20 kg.
  • Mandarines box: De 5,10,15 y 20 kg.
  • Mixed boxes mandarins / orange: De 10,15 y 20kg.
  • Gift boxes: Incluya en su caja mermelada, zumo, o alguno de nuestros productos alternativos.
  • For other formats or full pallets contact us.