Originating in the ebony tree, up to 12 meters high, deciduous and can have a monioca, dioecious or hermaphroditic flowering. It is unique in that it is not consumed at the time of collection, as it needs a process of ripening because of its roughness, so it applies a treatment for deoxygenate and take such harshness.

For a decade it is grown in the Ribera del Xúquer, where he has been gradually replacing traditional crops of oranges. The local variety "Rojo Brillante" is the only protected by the designation of origin "Kaki Ribera del Xúquer".

The fruits produced are thick, oblong, good quality and appearance. Its flavor is sweet mature and can be used for countless recipes or eaten directly.

Juice, freeze-dried, to eat at table, excellent properties, quality and appearance.

Very sweet to share with children and adults, with a characteristic bright red color, and fruit in cross section it reflects the shape of a star, ideal for straightening salads and other dishes.

Khaki consumption is highly recommended because they contain carotene and cryptoxanthin, both rich in vitamin A. They also have a high content of vitamin C. Rich in potassium, sugar and glucose. With a highly antioxidant with beneficial effects because they reduce the risk of certain degenerative diseases. Its use is also recommended for diarrhea and colitis.

Consumption as fresh fruit is delicious but can also be eaten as jam, ice cream, sherbet, pudding, pie, pudding or refreshing drink.

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