Masía de Jarque, Boixar – La Pobla de Benifassà

For those of you who are not familiar with our territory, we will give you a brief historical explanation. The typical farmhouses built in this time and area were buildings constructed just with outside walls. Isolated from population and dedicated to working the land.  Although it was common to find several families under one roof, they lived quite independently. The ground floor was used to do some countryside tasks, keeping the animals and to cook. On the upper floor we could find some small bedrooms where people were more comfortable because of the warmth caused by the animals and cooking. Occasionally there was another floor to store grain.

Since the fifties and the sixties most of these typical farmhouses got abandoned, although some have been restored and used as a country side house where people come to enjoy everything the area has to offer.

In 2007 Atanasi Boix, founder and owner of Fruits de la Terra, acquired one of these farmhouses called El Mas de Jarque which is located in the magnificent natural park La Tinença de Benifassá in the north of Castellón. In this mountainous area near the Mediterranean coast he began the restoration of both the house and the terraces, transforming it into a plantation of oak trees where black truffles will get a change to grow.

The characteristics of this area, both its soil and its climate, together with the know-how of people who collaborate with our company make it possible that our truffles have an incomparable flavour and aroma. It turns them into high quality truffles, all under our brand Fruits de la Terra

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