FRUITS DE LA TERRA come up from passion and dedication to truffles. As truffle masters, our products are made only with natural ingredients and always free of additives and preservatives to ensure maximum quality.

We have our own black truffle plantation Tuber melanosporum Vittad, because we have an extensive plantation of holm oaks and oaks. We are also expert wild fresh truffle collectors.

We are a brand specialized in the commercialization of fresh truffles and a wide gourmet assortment of truffle products and beverages. Innovation and development are at the heart of what we do, which allows us to create the perfect combination between design and tradition.

Fruits de la Terra aspires to pay tribute to nature with the production of truffles that are sustainable with the environment and healthy for the human being.

Equipo Fruits de la terra



Tana, Rosa and Kaki form the heart of Fruits de la Terra.

Their passion for truffles and their wide commercial experience led them to enter the truffle world and make it their way of life. In the last ten years Rosa and Tana have learned from the best experts in the truffle industry to achieve maximum quality and professionalism in their work.

At present a large team of truffle experts (producers, collectors, artisans …) are part of the family of Fruits de la Terra, dedicating their time, effort and knowledge to get the best truffles and produce excellent truffled products.

In addition to the development and development of products, Tana devotes part of her time to giving talks and lectures on truffles in Spain

Mas de Jarque
embalse Ulldecona



In the heart of the Tinença de Benifassà Natural Park is the home of our truffles and the origin of Fruits de la Terra: MAS DEL JARQUE.
A traditional farmhouse with many years of experience located in an authentic and genuine mountain area north of Castellón, located at 1,200 meters above sea level and very close to the Mediterranean coast.

This area has the best conditions of climatology and pedology for the cultivation of this fungus, providing our truffles with freshness, aroma and a unique flavor, which give it an extraordinary quality.

This is where our plantation of Black Truffle, Tuber melanosporum Vittad, is located



From the interest to contribute to the economic sustainability and to the development of the biodiversity of the La Tinença de Benifassá region, Fruits de la Terra’s commitment to people, territory and nature arises. Inspiring future generations and contributing to the development of the marketing and use of truffles in a sustainable way, allows us to innovate in truffle excellence.

Our mission is make to craft products of the highest quality in a respectable way with the environment, spreading and bringing the culture of the truffle closer to consumers.



    We look for the
    highest quality
    in what we do.


    We are committed
    in body, soul
    and heart.


    We surround ourselves
    with talent in different
    disciplines to improve our
    business and develop new products.


    We worry about what we
    do and how we do it.

Mas de Colletá



We are present in regions of Spain such as Barcelona, Basque Country, Madrid, Murcia,
Valencia, Tarragona, Castellón and Gerona. In addition to the national distribution, we are committed to international projection, with the presence of our products in countries such as France, Germany, England, Mexico, USA, Canada and Korea.

Day by day we continue working and we put all our efforts to reach new destinations